A Free Full English Course Offered By The American University


Why should you learn english?

whyn the article we will talk about one of the best sources from which you can learn English

Download a full English course for free from the American University:

We provide you with the ability to download a free English course from the American University completely so that you can download it to your phone or computer so that you can learn it at any time.

  • And it is the course provided by the American University on YouTube
  • The number of videos in the course is 80, divided into three parts. The
    explanation is very simple and far from complicated. Even if you are your level, the beginner of the course will start with you from scratch
  • One of the advantages of the course is that it is presented for free on YouTube
  • And this is useful to you that if something stops coming to you, or if you don’t understand a specific word in the video
  • You can stop the video and know its meaning, and after that, you prepare it more than once for a guid who understands it and grasps its meaning.
  • And the course explains native speakers of the language, which will help you improve your skill in listening to the language, as well as enable you to know the exits of the letter correctly.

A free full English course offered by the American University, Free English Course: –

The course on the English For You channel, which is rich in recognition, has a different set of different courses to improve and develop your level in English.

The course consists of three parts: –

1- eginner Level
2- E lementary Level
3- I ntermediate Level

Start making a schedule so that you can finish the 80 course videos, and after you get rid of them, you will find yourself at another level in English.

How to choose a suitable full English course:

The desire to learn does not satisfy its owner, and the desire to learn the English language in non-speaking countries is an important requirement

Especially as it is the official language in the world.

Therefore, every student wishing to choose a suitable full English course is kindly requested to put some points in mind for the selection, the most important of which are the following:

  • To first ask himself why he wants to learn English. Some of them want to learn it for the sake of work, so he needs it spoken only.

Some of them want to learn to speak and write, and some of them are a student who wants to learn it to strengthen it as a student studying it.

  • Also, the goal must be determined first, and then on the basis of it the appropriate course should be chosen
  • When he wants to learn the English language on the basis of it.
  • He must devote part of his time to studying the English language and be on a regular basis
  • And in an atmosphere that qualifies for continuous reconnaissance and study.


Choose your level

1- eginner Level
2- E lementary Level
3- I ntermediate Level

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