The best 8 online course sites 2023


1- Coursera

Coursera: A for-profit educational technology company that offers many free and paid courses
Coursera works with more than one system, such as:
First: individual courses
Second: Specializations
Third: Online degrees
The site has free online courses with an accredited certificate, and there are paid online courses

2- Udemy

Udemy: It is an online learning platform for adults. The Udemy platform is interested in many contents, including programming, translation, drawing, making money from the Internet, or creativity in general. It has online courses with an accredited certificate, and it also has paid courses.

3- Edx

Explanation of the edX website is an open educational website on the Internet that contains university-level educational lectures in many fields of science, including engineering, physics, chemistry, and others. It is published worldwide in English, other languages added later. Participation in it is free, and it works to reconcile teaching and scientific research, and is distinguished by the fact that it contains free online courses and an accredited certificate.

4- Khan academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit educational organization whose stated goal is “to provide high-quality education to anyone, anywhere.” Its website offers more than 3,600 mini-lectures via stock YouTube videos teaching mathematics, history, finance, physics, chemistry, biology, and astronomy. The economy and location advantage are easy to learn and scale

5- Tera Courses

Terra Courses is a web application that searches media sites like YouTube for promising courses, collects them and classifies them according to the field they belong to in terms of computer science, such as programming, networking, website development, graphic design, etc. In the fields of computer science in general, and the arrangement and sequence of its ideas in terms of practical study
It’s a very cool site and has a lot of free online courses with accredited certificates.

6- Edraak platform

The Edraak platform is an open educational platform where free courses are offered to anyone who wants in cooperation with experienced institutions, from which accredited certificates are later issued to Edraak and the Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development. These courses are any free online courses or lessons in several fields such as science, technology, business, leadership, health, and languages, which are completely free.

7- Alison

Alison’s educational website is the best free course website
Don’t forget to enter free diplomas.

8- Brilliant

The site offers courses in the fields in which it specializes, which are mathematics in all its simple and advanced branches, physics, chemistry and computer science in a more than wonderful way. Behind the solution.

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