Fundamentals of HR Analytics Course – Indian Institute Of Technology, Kanpur – Fully Funded ITEC


Title of the Course: Fundamentals of HR Analytics

Area of Study: Human Resource Development And Planning



HR analytics, an emerging discipline, is about leveraging data-driven insights through quantification, analyses and interpretation of various HR processes within an organization. HR analytics improves organization’s ability to monitor, benchmark and correct HR processes. But perhaps most importantly, it enhances the credibility of HR forecasting and reporting of results. The present course is aimed to achieve all the aforementioned objectives. The participants will learn various methods to diagnose a problem, develop suitable metrics, analyse using statistical tools, and interpret/report results. The pedagogy will be group discussion, case studies, a brief project, and presentations.

Tentative list of topics to be covered

Course overview
HR audit: Diagnosis of HR issues and possible pitfalls
HR audit context: Types of metrics
HR analytics frameworks: LAMP and HCM models
HR analytics stage-1: Understanding the problem at hand
HR analytics stage-2: Data gathering
HR analytics stage-3: Analyses and outcomes
HR analytics stage-4: Interpretation of findings
Project presentation

Duration (1-3 weeks)

Eligibility Criteria (basic expected background)
Mid to Senior Level Executives, Faculty Members in the relevant disciplines

Tentative dates for the proposed event
Feb 24, 2020–Mar 01, 2020

Course Coordinator
Prof. Amit Shukla
Department of Industrial and Management Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur


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