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A learning program that focuses primarily on the preceptor-perceptome relationship within an academic, clinical learning experience, and can be applied at many levels in the nursing education sequence.

Essential Competencies for Nurse Preceptors:

Nursing is a professional health care field that is dedicated to providing care for people in need. Nurses provide a broad range of care services depending on their level of training or specialization and can work independently or collaboratively with physicians and other health care providers.

Nursing is a regulated field and individuals must complete advanced education programs and obtain certifications before they can practice.

About this course:

Nursing programs partner with a variety of clinical practice settings to provide student nurses expert clinical training.

This essential partnership assures students are prepared to provide quality patient care.

Within these practice sites, staff registered nurses (RNs) provide nursing students rich clinical learning experiences within a safe yet challenging learning environment.

While many clinical practice sites have programs that prepare staff nurses to precept new employees, most programs do not include specific preparation for working with nursing students.

This Preceptor Development Program is designed to prepare registered nurses to construct high quality, rich, and effective learning experiences.

Staff RNs who participate in preceptor development programs report more confidence and satisfaction in the preceptor role.

This effect translates to the student’s learning as well.

Students who have well prepared clinical preceptors describe effective and valued learning experiences.

Topic areas covered in these modules include:

1. Preceptor roles and responsibilities.
2. Assessing learner needs and learning styles.
3. Clinical teaching.
4. Critical thinking and clinical decision making.
5. Legal issues in preceptorships.
6. Communication and conflict resolution.
7. Managing learning experiences of culturally and generationally diverse students.

Verified learners may receive 8 continuing education units (CE’s) from the University Of Maryland School Of Nursing:

The University Of Maryland School Of Nursing is an accredited provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.

What you’ll learn?

At the completion of this learning activity the learner will be able to:

  1. Discuss preceptor roles and responsibilities.
  2. Identify methods to assess learner needs and styles.
  3. Design effective clinical teaching and clinical learning experiences.
  4. Facilitate students’ critical thinking and clinical decision making.
  5. Discuss legal issues applicable to precept student nurses.
  6. Apply principles of effective communication and conflict resolution to the clinical learning experience.
  7. Apply principles of diversity and inclusivity in the role of clinical preceptor.

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